great ball of fire
It's Carl Sagan meets Dr. Seuss!

Praise for

"A splendid recasting in verse of the Universe Story. What an achievement!"
-- Thomas Berry, author of The Dream of the Earth and The Universe Story

"I love this book! ... An invaluable aid to educators and parents, to anyone looking for a truly fresh way to engage kids--and themselves!!--in the key ideas of evolution. Prepare yourself to be delighted by this fun and informative telling of the greatest story of our time."
-- K. Lauren de Boer, poet, essayist, former executive editor of EarthLight Magazine, author of Where It Comes From: Poems

"This poem, full of complex information simply told, will be treasured as one to read aloud and will inspire us all as we learn to change our ways."
-- Cynthia Stokes Brown, author of Big History:  From the Big Bang to the Present 

"With rhythmic cadence and imaginative language, 'Great Ball of Fire!' has given us a great gift--a new way of understanding the mystery and sacredness of life. A poetic excursion much needed for our time."
-- Jim Conlon, author of Beauty, Wonder and Belonging and From the Stars to the Street

"A magical blend of mainstream science and lyric wonder... playful, elegant, profound verses entertain and enlighten while inspiring us to delve ever deeper into our cosmic story."
-- Connie Barlow, author of The Ghosts of Evolution and Green Space, Green Time: The Way of Science

"A lovely poetic telling of the whole of cosmic evolution."
-- Brian Swimme, author of The Universe is a Green Dragon and The Universe Story

"An amazing creation!!!! Captivated by the beauty of the [Universe] story... [Betty Kissilove has] crafted a wondrous story for humans of all ages. This is such an important contribution, especially in these troubled times where only such a new story can transform our horrendous wars, insatiable hungers, ambitions and misguided inventiveness. Thank you, Betty."
-- Miriam MacGillis, OP, Founder/Director of Genesis Farm

"[This] stunning and magnificent poem brings to life a narrative of evolution from the big bang and the first living cells to human communities on the edge of the great transformation of the 21st century...A creation story for our time."
-- Carl Anthony, Breakthrough Communities

"Montessori teachers... now have a perfect complement to our Great Lesson of the Birth of the Universe in Betty Kissilove's wonderful epic, 'Great Ball of Fire!'... Enchants children and adults alike... connects each of us with our source... reminds us of our interconnectedness with everything in the Universe. Beautiful illustrations dramatically capture the spirit and message in Betty's captivating verses."
-- Judi Bauerlein, Montessori teacher/trainer/consultant, Board of Directors for the American Montessori Society

"This was one of the kids' favorite assignments and really helped them to 'put it all together' in terms of what we had learned about geography, science, and history. I loved your poem and plan to use it again this year. There is so much information in there that students will be able to get something new out of it each year."
-- Alice McMurry, teacher, Montessori Academy of Lancaster, PA

"...Just what is needed to bring the wonder of the evolutionary process alive for all of us. 'Great Ball of Fire!' is an explosion of creative energy for the future of life on our beautiful blue-green planet. A splendid contribution to the great work of our time."
-- Mary Evelyn Tucker, Forum on Religion and Ecology, Yale University

"A delightful amalgam of science, mythology and world religions told in verse...a compelling read, my students found the couplets positively addictive."
-- Wendy Beck, English teacher, Lowell High School, San Francisco, CA

"I loved your creation story!... [It] truly amazed me! I would highly recommend it for 6th graders and older. Bravo!"
-- A 9th-grade student, Lowell High School, San Francisco, CA

"A stupendous achievement. Gripping. A treasure for young and old alike. This brings our common story to life. We will never be the same again."
-- Herman Greene, President, Center for Ecozoic Studies and Founding Executive Director, International Process Network

"Betty Kissilove tells the story of everything. She tells it precisely and knowledgeably, and she also makes it fun by telling it in lilting verse accompanied by gorgeous illustrations. This is big history for children and grandparents, for students and scientists. It's a story we all need to know because it's our modern creation story."
-- David Christian, author of Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History

"One of the most stunningly beautiful, fascinating, and inspiring books we've ever run across!"
-- Reach and Teach, the peace and social justice learning company