great ball of fire
It's Carl Sagan meets Dr. Seuss!

For readers 8 to 80, and beyond!


"A splendid recasting in verse of the Universe Story.
What an achievement!"
Thomas Berry, author of The Dream of the Earth and The Universe Story

Take a 13.8-billion-year journey through space, time, and mystery! Through Great Ball of Fire! the Universe tells its unfolding story in rhyming verse, blending science and wonder in recounting our cosmic tale. On this adventure from the Flaring Forth—commonly known as the Big Bang—to the present, gain perspective on our origins and our place in the Universe. Discover just how deeply we belong!

"How you imagine the world determines how you live in it."
David Suzuki

Let the story begin...

"One of the most stunningly beautiful,
fascinating, and inspiring books
we've ever run across!"

-- Reach and Teach,
the peace and social justice learning company

Betty-Ann Kissilove
Author, Great Ball of Fire!